Citybus bus body advertising

Buses are the lifeblood of the city, reaching significant volumes and exposure in a high mobility capacity. Known as 'Giant Moving Billboard', bus advertising offers great visual impact on the ground all day long.

Quality Citybus* Passenger Profile

Affluent Audience

32% has a monthly household income of HK$45,000 or above.

Working Professions

71% are working class and among them 30% holds PMEB position.

Well Educated

38% have attained an University degree or above, which is higher than 31% of the general public in Hong Kong.

Source: Nielsen Media Index 2022

Shopping Decision Maker

63% are shopping decision maker who are the most sought-after target segment of brands​. ​

Advertising Formats

Super Bus

The Super Bus ad format offers exclusive advertising opportunities to one advertiser, with the bus being fully wrapped to ensure unmissable visibility from all angles.

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Mega Panorama and Grand Panorama

Half bus formats with giant advertising space offer creative flexibility for spectacular visual presentation. Mega Panorama enables seamless design connecting rear side and driver side to maximize visual impact.

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The Emperor and The Empress

Imposing and outspread format for displaying impactful advertising slogan and products.

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Top Wide, Top Extra Wide and Top Wide Max

Wide advertising space to incorporate visual and message. A variety of Top Wide formats provide creative flexibility.

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Superside and L Shape

Wide advertising space to incorporate visual and message. Cost effective formats on pedestrian side.

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Mega Rear, Maxi Rear and Super Rear

Advertising on rear side is unskippable. A variety of rear side formats are available for different advertising needs.

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Mega Rear, Maxi Rear and Super Rear

Advertising on rear side is unskippable. A variety of rear side formats are available for different advertising needs.

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For more formats or advertising solutions, please contact our team.

Take a look at the numbers, they speak for themselves

Citybus in figures

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Citybus bus body advertising delivers an unparallel access to affluent consumers on Hong Kong Island and Beyond. Bus body advertising can reach car drivers, bus and other transportation passengers and massive pedestrians from a distance.

1.1 Million +
Average Daily Passenger Journeys
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Find answers to common questions about Bravo Media's advertising network and services.

What is Bravo Media?

Bravo Media is a leading OOH advertising network in Hong Kong, offering premium out-of-home advertising opportunities. We provide access to Citybus* and MTR^, reaching over 3.2 million of patronage daily.

How can I advertise?

To advertise with Bravo Media, please contact our team through the provided contact information. We will guide you through the process and help you choose the best advertising options for your business.

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Advertising with Bravo Media offers numerous benefits, including high visibility, targeted reach, and the opportunity to engage with a diverse audience. Our advertising solutions are designed to maximize brand exposure and drive results.

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Getting started with Bravo Media is easy. Simply reach out to our team and we will provide you with all the necessary information and assistance to kickstart your advertising campaign.

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The costs of advertising with Bravo Media vary depending on factors such as the duration, location, and scale of your campaign. Contact us for a personalized quote and detailed pricing information.