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Bravo Media regularly hits the news with our client campaigns that incorporate transit advertising into omnichannel marketing strategies. Our team utilises proven tactics and valuable insights to create targeted advertising that will help you reach your audience on a daily basis. Follow our success stories and speak to our team to learn more about how OOH advertising can be used in your business.
September 22, 2023

Bravo Media Honored with Prestigious HKCT Business Awards 2023

Exciting news! Bravo Media has been honored with the "Most Outstanding Marketing Services of the Year" award at the prestigious Hong Kong Commercial Times (HKCT) Business Awards 2023.

This recognition highlights our dedication and success in transforming OOH advertising into a leading medium through innovative solutions and insights.

We are thrilled to announce an expansion of our advertising portfolio beyond bus bodies. Starting from January 1st, 2024, we will become the exclusive advertising agency for the MTR East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail, and Buses.

This milestone marks a significant step forward for Bravo Media. Join us in watching our Managing Director, Richard Petignaud, on YouTube as he shares our company's philosophy and inspiring ideas at Here !

Bravo Media is confident in shaping a promising future by delivering valuable services through bus body and MTR advertising.

July 11, 2023

Bravo Media Wins MTR’s (East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail, and Bus) Exclusive Advertising Concession Tender

We are proud to announce that after a competitive tender process, we have successfully secured the contract to operate the exclusive advertising concession for MTR's East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail, and Bus services. The contract spans 10 years, with an initial term of 5 years, commencing on January 1, 2024. The tender win marks a significant milestone achievement for Bravo Media, as it provides a unique opportunity for us to establish a stronger foothold in Hong Kong's dynamic and vibrant advertising market.

February 10, 2023

Top Wide Max - TEMPO campaign @Citybus

With the massive success of creating multiple innovative bus advertising formats last year, we subsequently led the competitors to imitate us. We were proud that our superior positioning was achieved with maximised dimensions, powerful visuals, comprehensive routing coverage, and client support. An enhanced version of Top Wide was presented as Top Wide Max, especially for those agile clients looking to elicit their products and addressed clearance tagline at first glance. 

January 3, 2023

Mega Panorama

A distinguished media mix format Mega Panorama, the flawless extension from Grand Panorama to Mega Rear. It predominates and attracts your end-customers perceptual stimulation with a competitive budget. It is always our priority to consider the most significant benefit for you, assisting your campaign by spending a limited amount in a way to achieve optimum performance. 

December 15, 2022

Winner of the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Awards 2022

Bravo Media has been honoured with the “Most Outstanding Transport Advertising Services” of the year 2022 award. We are grateful that CORPHUB’s elite team chose us as one of the awarded enterprises, which is strong proof of recognition of our contribution to the industry in our first year of operations.

CORPHUB founded the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Awards to foster professionals pursuing excellence in their field and create an inspirational place for leaders to showcase their talent and continue their stories.

CORPHUB video interview of Bravo Media Managing Director:

View the talk

October 1, 2022

Exclusive interview by AUTOMOBILE, a leading local motoring magazine

Since the launch of Bravo Media Limited, the response to the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive. Our initial efforts to disrupt the Out-of-Home Media industry and provide unique and innovative media approaches garnered significant attention from the press. 

This first year of operation has been inspiring. Not only have we launched our new advertising venture, but we also overcame multiple challenges by setting up a new standard of media advertising in Hong Kong. We are grateful our efforts have been recognised by our clients and media agencies, empowering us to introduce innovative and disruptive ideas to the market.

January 12, 2023

Celebrating COLLAR 1st Anniversary X Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Parade

On 12 January, a unique "The Bright Side" bus parade was held to celebrate COLLAR's first anniversary and the promotion of the new Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus H1 route. The event was hugely successful and attracted many enthusiastic fans, making it an incredibly memorable experience. 

With COLLAR Limited Edition Rickshaw Tour Package was unveiled, with thematic advertisements on every corner of the bus and a COLLAR member broadcasting the announcement of stops. It makes the journey more enjoyable.

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